ISO 9001- Quality management system
ICH Q9- Quality risks management
GMP –Good manufacturing practices
ISO 14001- Environmental management system
ISO 31000 –Risks Management system
OHSAS 18001- Occupational health and safety management system
USFDA/MHRA/WHO GMP : Consultancy/Training/Audits
ISO 10002- Quality management- Customer Satisfaction- Guidelines for Complaints handling in organizations
  • Dr.B.M.Sharma is a management consultant having more than 20 years of experience. Result oriented guidance can be provided in GMP documentation; business excellence; risks studies ( schools, hotels; foods etc); marketing risks; procurement risks; quality risks training; risks management system - training and implementation; business continuity planning- training and study; image management of the organization/products/services etc and design of the Advertisements in English and Hindi; Catalogues etc.
  • Identification of risks perceived and expected by the organizations and suggestions for their preventions.
  • Improvement in the organization through risks identifications and preventive actions.
  • In depth studies of the existing problems/risks/ complaints/ wastes etc faced by the organization and prevention of such problems through corrective actions/ technology changes/ changes in systems/standards/procedures and training and skill/ talent development of the personnel.
  • Preparting the entire organization for facing any international audit from any domestic/ international organization: preparing employees in language; in their subjects and their communication; development of confidence; trust and integrity for work, quality and organization.
  • Areas which can be studied are:
  • Corporate/organization yearly business plans; targets for functional heads; identification of risks in achieving those targets and suggestions for preventive actions.
  • Risks faced by the organization in its current operations : schools/hotels/ foods/ colleges/ universities etc and suggestions for corrective and preventive actions.
  • Training of the entire organization to prepare them to move from existing corporate culture to next higher culture levels.
  • Taking organization to current Good Levels to Better and Best Levels through training, integrations, interactions, and systems improvement.